May abandon of Brexit talks scenario


London.  02.07.2017. British business leaders have been told to brace for the possibility that Prime Minister Theresa May’s government abandon the table of Brexit negotiations with the EU27 as early as this year, sources said to the Sunday Telegraph.

The move would be designed for “domestic consumption” to show the government is not open to compromise the UK citizens’ interests while negotiating  with the EU27, the newspaper reported. The newspaper did not indicate the information origin.

There was a similar word in Brussels corridors of power, where the EU diplomats expressed doubts of the efficiency of the EU27 strategy on negotiating so-called ‘divorce’ with the UK. The concept suggesting the ‘allowance’ to the EU27 project, as a price for Britons stepping out from the international organisation – an innovative vision insisting one should not only pay the fee, while being a member of a block, but also continue to contribute beyond the actual membership toward the end of the budgetary cycle in 2020, to soften the blow, extending the two-year period of adjustment, foreseen by the Lisbon Treaty by a longer period of time. It will also allow the incumbent Brussels leadership to finalize their term without a need to search for budgetary solution to compensate for the absence of the second net contributor to the EU purse.

However  the mind-boggling amount suggested by the EU27 chief negotiator Michel Barrier has immediately provoked a whirlwind of emotion and scepticism for a perspective of any success of the claim, judging it as ‘unreasonable’.

The other serious obstacle on the way to a successful Article 50 deal with the UK is the rigid order of the talks, suggesting settling the ‘divorce bill’ prior to any further discussion of co-operation in post-Brexit era. Unfortunately the wretched idea of taking the UK taxpayer to cleaners to avoid any responsiblity for the polices that brought them to the point of abandoning the European Union, this idea may lead the entire negotiations process to a total fiasco caused by dogmatism and myopia of Brussels bureaucracy.


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