Italy overwhelmed by migrants high tight

At the meeting Tallinn, Estonia,  the EU interior ministers agreed to reinforce the Libyan coastguard, apply deportations of migrants, rejected the asylum status, and provide funds to African countries to defeat poverty forcing people to search better life in Europe.

EU interior ministers had also a message to NGOs actively rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean sea, to work closely with Libya’s coastguard, amid raising public concerns of their assistance, encouraging Africans to risk their life in a dangerous sea crossing.

Escaping conflicts, terrorism and poverty, the migrants continue to arrive to Italy in overwhelming numbers, causing strain on the society, hosting almost 100 000 new arrivals this year, which is reportedly 20% higher than the level of migration tight in 2016.

The European Commission fears that NGOs running rescue services off the Libyan coast are encouraging migrants to risk their lives in shabby dinghies expecting to be picked up close to Libyan coast and then ferried 200 km over the sea to Italy to stay in Europe happy ever after.

The journey is not free of charge, but a highly lucrative trade of local traffickers profiting from misery and despair.


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