Russian Consulate in San Francisco closure

The scenery of Russian Consulate in San Francisco closure with black smoke above the roof added to the image of drama, while workers were seen hurrying to shut Russia’s consulate in San Francisco ahead of a weekend deadline imposed by Washington.

Russia had been required to close its San Francisco Consulate, and annexes in New York and Washington, amid escalating tensions between Washington and Moscow.

The order to leave the consulate and an official diplomatic residence in San Francisco – home to a community of Russian immigrants and technology workers is sequel of actions, initiated by President Obama, who expelled Russian diplomats from USA at Christmas eve 2017. Current measures of a substantial reduction of diplomatic corps and stuff will hit at most people to people contacts in both countries, substantially reducing opportunities to travel for leisure, business, cultural exchanges, education and other purposes.

The Consulate issued more than 16,000 tourist visas to American citizens last year, according to its records.

However some prefer to de-dramatize:

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