Farmers arrive to Barcelona for protecting Catalan Parliament

Catalan farmers started to arrive to Barcelona to defend Parliament in case of Madrid’s attempt to seize power, and launch arrests of people’s representatives in implication of the Article 155. Today Senate in Madrid is aiming to vote imposition of direct rule over self-governed region upon the demand of prime-minister Mariano Rajoy, whose speech was met by ovation of Spanish senators.

712 Mayors arrived were invited by president Carles Puigdemont to assist the debate and vote on Declaration of Catalan Republic. Mayors arrived in the morning, and expressed their support of independence in a ceremony in front of Catalan Parliament.

The overwhelming support of Catalans for independence does not change Madrid’s plans to abolish freedoms of self-governed region, and take it under direct control. According to Spain’s prosecutor’s office the arrests will follow in case Parliament declares birth of Republic of Catalonia.


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