Parliament to declare Catalan Republic

Parliament in Barcelona debates two resolutions: the Declaration of the Republic of Catalonia, and call for negotiations with Madrid.

Catalan government said all the efforts to launch a dialogue with Madrid were exhausted, the proposal of the resolution on Declaration of Republic of Catalonia in back on the table for debate. More than 700 hundreds of Catalan mayors were invited by president Carles Puigdemont to assist the event. The Spain’s prosecutor office has ordered the 712 mayors, who have agreed to help to organise the October 1 vote, to be summoned to court as official suspects and called for their arrest in case of a refusal to appear for questioning.

Previously, president Puigdemont has informed Spain’s prime minister Rajoy about declaration of independence of Catalonia as an inevitable step in response to Madrid’s plan to suppress Catalonia self-governance, and impose direct rule from Madrid.

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