President Puigdemont denounces “political trial”

The Government of the Generalitat, which the Spanish executives consider to have ceased, has issued a statement from Brussels regarding the quotations of President Puigdemont and the Councilors tomorrow to the National Court:
The statement, which is faced with “The legitimate government of the Generalitat de Catalunya“, denounces what it considers a “political trial” with a disproportionate penalty request.
“These citations are framed in a summary without a legal basis that only seeks to punish ideas. We are faced with a political judgment. The disproportion of the penalties requested by the prosecutor, reprimanded by the Spanish Congress, equivalent to crimes such as murder or terrorism , show that we are facing a political judgment made to the dictation of the government of the Spanish State. “
The text refers to what President Puigdemont explained: that a part of the board members will go to the National Court while the rest will remain in Brussels to report what they consider to be a political judgment.
“Puigdemont explained that some ministers would go to the National Court to declare as a complaint about the lack of guarantees of the Spanish judicial system and their willingness to pursue political ideas. At the same time, another group of ministers will remain in Brussels to inform the international community about this political judgment and place a great deal of Europe especially on tackling a conflict resolution. “
Of course, they make it clear that staying in Belgium does not intend to evade justice, but they will respond to the judicial summons in accordance with the mechanisms established by the European Union in these situations.
Finally, they announce that they understand the prison sentences that await them as a denunciation of the situation that Spanish democracy is experiencing.
“In no case the directors and the president who remain in Brussels contemplate to evade justice, they just demand it, and they will respond to quotations, which have come from one day to the next, according to the mechanisms that are already envisaged in the European Union in these circumstances. The commitment of this government to defend the rights and freedoms of the Catalan people is total. We understand the jail sentences that await us as a complaint about the situation in which the Democracy in Spain and as a cry in favor of the freedom of our people”. 
Previously Madrid threatened Carles Puigdemont with following fate of the President of Catalonia Lluis Companys, who was tortured and executed in 1940.

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