MEPs question Verhofstad credibility in Brexit talks

MEP Jacqueline Foster questions Guy Verhofstadt objectivity in fulfilling his responsibilities as Europarl representative for Brexit talks. Foster describes her experience with Verhofstad, doubting his interest in co-operation, and ambition to achieve win-win deal for both EU27 and UK.


More MEPs question Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE, Belgium) role in Brexit negotiations, pointing at his bias approach and lack of transparency.

MEP Atkinson (ENF, UK) calls Verhofstadt to resign from his position of the Europarliament (EP) representative in Brexit talks, convinced that instead of contributing to co-operation Verhofstadt injects toxic to please bigger political groups in EP, aiming at punishing UK for disaffection for EU project. As counterpart of Michel Barnier, negotiator for the European Commission, Guy Verhofstadt has been designated to keep the Conference of Presidents (comprising the EP President and group leaders) fully informed of developments and will help prepare the EP position in the negotiations, in close consultation with the Conference of Presidents. The European Parliament will need to approve a possible agreement on the conditions for the UK’s departure from the EU.

MEP Jacqueline Foster doubts Guy Verhofstad objectivity while representing Brexit talks negotiator of Europarliament.

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