Saakashvili march to impeach Poroshenko

More than 1,000 supporters of the Odessa Region’s former Governor Mikheil Saakashvili, who is also the leader of the Movement of New Forces, participate in a “march for impeachment” in central Kiev on Sunday.

The protesters gathered at about 13:00 Moscow time in a park to head for the central European Square, according to TASS News agency.

The opposing politician leads the protesters along the boulevard, which the police had blocked from traffic. The people are chanting: “Impeachment,” “No to corruption, No to Poroshenko,” “Impeachment instead of revolution,” “Kiev, stand up!”

“December 3 will be the beginning of ‘popular impeachment’”  – two weeks earlier Saakashvili saidBefore December 3, we promised to continue to do what we have started to do.”

“December 3 is Day X for all of us. Let us get organized. I will be travelling across the country to raise people peacefully” – Saakashvili announced. Apart from that, Saakashvili said he is ready to come at the head of Ukraine’s new government, if need.

“Ukraine urgently needs new authorities, a new government. We must form that government together. I am ready to do it together with you,” he said. “I am ready to take the leadership of this process with you, I am ready to come at the head of this government, if need be.”


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