Macron-Merkel demand Putin to open humanitarian access to Ghouta

Damascus’ hospital (pictured) came under a rocket attack carried out by militants from Eastern Ghouta (Damascus’ suburb) on Friday, Syrian SANA news agency reports.

Militants fired a rocket at the hospital in Baghdad Street from Eastern Ghouta seriously damaging the intensive care unit. There were no immediate reports about casualties.

On Friday morning (23/02/2018), one person was killed and 15 more injured in a similar attack on Damascus’ district of Salah Ed-Din, quoting SANA Russian news agency TASS point out.

Eastern Ghouta, controlled by militants and besieged by Syrian government forces, is included in one of the Syrian de-escalation zones established in accordance with the May 4 decision made by Russia, Iran and Turkey, the three guarantors of the Syrian ceasefire.

During the Informal Summit in Brussels French President Emmanuel Macron stated he together with German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed a letter to Russian President Putin to open humanitarian corridor to “opposition forces” in Ghouta (Damascus).



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