May perceives Brexit as ‘new beginning’

British Prime Minister Theresa May explained her concept of Brexit a unique engagement, different from any free trade agreement in the world, explaining the European Union leadership it is in “shared interest”. She also underlined that the existing models are not suitable: both Norway and Canada agreements with the EU have implications that can not be accepted by the UK, for example free movement of people Norway welcomes.

Prime Minister said she is confident about reaching a right deal in interest of both the UK and the EU, and she called for perceiving Brexit not as an end, but as a new beginning.  May underlined that the UK is not going to re-establish a ‘hard’ border between Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland, but to reach the best outcome all three interested parties need to engage in negotiation, including the European Commission. The UK is definitely leaving Customs Union, but is looking for ‘Customs Partnership’ with the EU27 to continue trade as frictionless as possible. The speech contained a list of key arrangements to be made from co-operation with EurAtom to Broadcasters, addressed specific needs of small and businesses, and even looked into future development of technologies as computing and robotics – the know-how  Britons are ready to share with their European neighbours.

The confidence of Prime Minister to reach an Article 50 agreement raised criticism of Brexiteers, who are still sceptical about the perspective to reach a fair deal with the EU27, believed to be determined to make a negative example from Brexit to prevent the other member state to follow the way. Brexiteers insist no deal is better, than a bad deal, so the failure to reach an agreement should not be discarded.

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