Tajani calls to focus on migration mangement

The president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani underlined a profound need for an EU strategy managing migration, while giving press-conference at the start of a European Council Summit in Brussels, March 22-23.


Tajani informed the EU heads of government that citizens have been waiting for answers to the problem of managing of mass migration. The efforts used to close the Balkan route should also be applied to other Mediterranean routes Tajani suggested, and warned that a failure  to come up with an EU strategy,  will continue to play into the hands of the populists.

The President called on the Council to act on plans for asylum reform, allocate more resources to Frontex, more reception centres, as well as more investment in Tunisia, Morocco, Niger, Mali, Chad and Libya to improve border controls and combat people traffickers.

Talking about the Western Balkans, Tajani underlined the need to offer these countries an EU perspective. “We must offer the region a secure future in the European fold. This is also essential in order to manage migration, control borders and combat terrorism.”


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