Jaguar cubs starring in Mexico park

Two jaguar cubs are the new stars at Teotihuacan wildlife park in Mexico charming tourists eagerly streaming to the site to admire them, but even more so a huge global internet audience, fascinated by big cats (#bigcats).

The female cubs, who have not been named yet, had to be separated from their parents when just 18 days old as one of them developed a skin condition that caused the decision  of caretakers to start the treatment.

After the treatment the cubs were not returned to their mother to avoid risks of hostilities as her possible reaction on human scent.

Nursed back to health, the cubs are happily playing with their caretakers, who feed them using  baby bottles.

“Seeing them up close, hearing them, smelling them, touching them. You can never forget that, and it awakens you to something bigger,” said Luis Gonzales, the manager of Animal Kingdom in San Juan Teotihuacan.

Jaguars are the largest #bigcats in the Americas, and the third-largest in the world, after lions and tigers.

However they are also “very meticulous killers,” Gonzalez continued, while cuddling two charming cubs. Being able to approach them this close is a powerful experience of wild nature, he added.

Animal Kingdom is trying to capitalize on its young celebrities to teach visitors, especially children, about conservation.

Children are the ones who will inherit these species, and this planet,” said Gonzalez.

Jaguars are classified as a “near-threatened” species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which says their population has declined by about a quarter in the past two decades.


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