Putin IV inauguration reduced opulence

The Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov informed that the inauguration ceremony is planned to begin at noon Moscow time in the Grand Kremlin Palace, where Vladimir Putin will arrive from his office in building 1 located on the same Kremlin territory, according to TASS news agency.

Russian media reports Kremlin decided to skip the traditional opulent reception, and procession in the streets of Moscow. The ceremony would be more ‘simple and humble’ than previous three times.

Hundreds of guests assisting the ceremony will assemble in the St Andrew’s hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace and the stand-bearers of the Kremlin’s silent drill platoon will bring into the hall the National Flag of Russia and the Standard of the Russian President and the Emblem of the President and the Constitution, on which Putin will hold his hand while taking the oath the fourth time.

The Judge presiding the Constitution Court, Dr. Valery Zorkin, will place the Constitution and the Sign of the President on the rostrum.

The Commandant of the Kremlin, Lt-Gen Sergei Khlebnikov, will meet Putin at the entrance of the Palace. After his salute Putin will walk up the ceremonial staircase and pass through the Halls of the Orders of St George and St Alexander Nevsky to the St Andrew’s Hall accompanied by the sounds of the welcoming march and  fanfare.

At arrival to the ceremony Judge Zorkin will hand to him the insignia of the Presidential Power, including the Presidential Emblem of the Golden Cross of St George, depicting the double-headed eagle, the ‘Virtue, Honesty and Glory’ slogan attached to a golden chain.

Putin will pronounce the oath holding his right hand on the Constitution. The text reads: “I hereby take the oath to respect and safeguard the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, to observe and to protect the Constitution of the Russian Federation, to defend the sovereignty, security and integrity of the state, and to serve the people in earnest in the course my tenure of the presidential office.”

Judge Zorkin, who conducts the ceremony the fourth time as well, will make announcement that the President-Elect has become the President, afterwards Putin is expected to deliver a brief speech.

he Russian authorities designed a special inauguration ceremony by the time of Boris Yeltsin’s election for a second term of office in 1996. The procedure has been gradually simplified, and stylistically modernised, but its fundamental elements remain intact.

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