Mediterranean migrant route arrivals at rise

With favorable weather migrants from North African coast continue to arrive to Europe. On Sunday (27/05/2018) 500 passengers of three boats were rescued to be transported in safety to Spain. The Spanish report was preceded by the one from Italy where over the same weekend 1500 migrants were rescued.

The Italian vessels operated by EU border control mission, and NGOs rescued around 1500 migrants in a couple of days during the same week. The reports show the Mediterranean route is actively exploited by traffickers to deliver migrants to European coasts, efficiently using summer period for maximum profit.

The reports from NGOs on migrants rescue in Mediterranean are in stark contrast with the official narrative of the diminishing of the numbers of arrivals. As a reaction on uninterrupted flows of migrants from African coasts, and incapacity of the EU to exercise solidarity in relocation of some of them across Europe, Italian Lega Nord party prepares plans to repatriate around 500 000 migrants, who did not receive a refugee status, or were initially eligible to apply for it.

The refusal of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella to endorse newly formed eurosceptic government the very same weekend, causing the profound political crisis in Italy, will reflect on the situation with illegal migration, protracting the systemic calamity of Italian society, unable to cope with overwhelming multitudes of new arrivals from African coasts.


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