EU-NATO in continuous dialogue

“Over the past two years, NATO and the European Union have achieved an unprecedented level of cooperation. This is natural. We have many shared members. We have shared interests and challenges and more than 90% of EU citizens live in a NATO country” – Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO said.  Both international organisations have been working together on 74 concrete areas of cooperation, including hybrid and cyber, maritime operations, fighting terrorism, exercises and military mobility and women, peace and security.

“The progress has been substantial. For example, our organisations now exchange real-time warnings about cyber-attacks and malware. We have stepped up our cooperation to enhance training, exercises and strategic communications to counter hybrid threats. And NATO and the EU are cooperating on maritime operations” – Stoltenberg continued.

There are well-known missions, as in the central Mediterranean, NATO Operation Sea Guardian is supporting the EU Operation Sophia.  And in the Aegean, the Alliance and the EU are cooperating to counter people smuggling.

“We discussed how NATO and the European Union could cooperate even more closely going forward. In July, I plan to sign a new joint declaration with President Tusk and President Juncker. To set out a shared vision for how we will continue to address our most pressing security challenges” – Stoltenberg said.

“Military mobility is one area that will become a flagship in our cooperation. Both NATO and the EU have an interest in making it happen and both of us can make tangible contributions. We need to deal with a wide range of issues – from legislation to infrastructure” – Stoltenberg underlined. The other important issue is infrastructure requirements for transportation, including for bridges, roads and runways. “… It is ultimately it is for our nations to make the decisions that will enable us to move across Europe as quickly as we need to, in an unpredictable security environment” – Stoltenberg concluded.

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