Russian senator against “euphoria” to Trump’s G7 remarks

Russian senator, and chair of the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the Council of Federation (higher chamber of Russian parliament) Konstantin Kosachev said, there is no place for ‘euphoria’ reacting of President’s Trump remarks about Russia’s return to the G7 club. He pointed out that the opinion of the U.S. President is not shared by the other G7 members, and Canada, hosting the meeting, has made it clear ahead of the event.

“… The obvious thing: Russia is needed for G8 more than the G8 for Russia. In particular, as a negotiation platform. But also as an instrument of rallying the ranks of the Western countries themselves. The appearance on this intra-Western “get-together” previously excluded Russia would help for a while to forget about the contradictions within the current “Seven” (and they are all the more noticeable)…” – the senator continued.

The rhetoric question Kosachev rises is about Russian interest to return to the Club: “Do we need it?”, he asks. And then he answers: no.

” I am convinced that we do not need to rush in to every remark about “it would be nice to return Russia if it …”,  etc., but to offer our own conditions for return: the lifting of sanctions and respect for interests.”

“Otherwise it will be a senseless waste of time for the next ambitions and vanity of the Westerners. Russia certainly does not have such a dream, as, for example, the Ukrainian leadership  to “glow” often next to the richest and most influential. You need to speak on an equal footing and in essence, the rest – games in words” – the senator concludes.

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