World Cup: leading Russian animal rights activist arrested

The leading Russian animal rights activist and a chairman of the Alliance for animals, Yuri Koretsky (Юрий Корецких) has been arrested in Moscow on his way to a meeting in memory of culled street dogs #Killed4WorldCup. The moment of silence was planned in Moscow and the other Russian cities, where the mass killings of stray animals took place ahead of the World Cup. ” I’m in police van. Police is next to the clock” – he tweeted.

In absence of infrastructure, in absence of shelters and responsible civil servants in each municipality, the killings of animals will go on. We hoped that FIFA World Cup 2018 will bring joy and festivity to Russia, but our government destroyed the celebrations by killings of tens of thousands of dogs and cat in hosting cities. They broke the promise. It is a grim day for us and for sports– Koretsky said in a distributed ahead of the action press-release.

“People are gathering next to the ‘football clock’ to remember animals killed ahead of the Championship” – the activist wrote shortly before his arrest, retweeting photos in his microblog.

The NGO led by Koretsky invited journalists and all those who care about animals to join the moment of silence next to the World Cup clock.

The Alliance invites press to join our event ‘Killed for World Cup dedicated to brutally taken away lives of homeless dogs and cats in cities hosting FIFA World Cup. The animal rights defenders call Russian government to respect right for life of street animals, to treasure life as such of all sentient being, especially of those, who contribute immensely to humankind like dogs and cats. The Alliance reterierates its call for moratorium on killings of street animals, which will be conducive to public good, while spreading humane and civilized practises”.

However Koretsky had no chance to participate in the event #Killed4WorldCup himself, being arrested without any explanation on the way to the meeting. At present the animal rights activists are very much concerned about his ‘preventive‘ arrest. They communicated that Koretsky is kept in custody until Court hearing in the morning.

15/06 22:00 AMENDMENT: Yuri Koretsky jailed for eight (8) days for his attempt to draw public attention to stray dogs killings in Russia. All the demonstrations and actions during World Cup are strictly prohibited.




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