MEP: “We should ask Mr.Putin, why humanist is in jail!”

Member of the European Parliament (ALDE, Lithuania) Petras AUŠTREVIČIUS expressed his shock, on the breaking news on arrest and jailing of Russian leading animal rights activist Yuri KORETSKYH, who was calling authorities for humane treatment of stray animals in Russian cities, brutally culled ahead of the World Cup championship.

“We should ask Mr.Putin, why a humanist is in jail!”, MEP said, underlining that the only concern of animal rights activists was promotion of humanism to stray animals in Russian cities. These cats and dogs were condemned to death instead of constructing shelters to resolve the problem of stray in a civilised way, the activists are promoting, MEP continued. “The animals did not commit any crime, it is a responsibility of authorities to build shelters”, MEP said.

The jailing of KORETSKYH shows the real face of Russian power, which is able of “abusing anyone” AUŠTREVIČIUS continued. “They go against any logic, any common sense for already last two decades”, MEP said, suggesting the situation with attitude towards animal rights activism in Russia is contrary to the European trends, aiming at raising welfare standards of animals.

“We invest tens of millions, or may be more, to ensure humane treatment of animals”, AUŠTREVIČIUS underlined, pointing out that European governments at highest level support animal welfare movements as conducive to public good. He also concluded that animal rights groups in Russian should get support from their European counterparts protecting stay in urban environments. “I’m sure Russian authorities will get a strong response for culling stray for hosting World Cup. I can promise it!”


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