EU lawmakers ‘impress’ with lucrative second jobs

Eurosceptic lawmakers in the European Parliament demonstrate the highest earnings from private activities and second jobs making many of them the highest-paid EU legislators, a report by watchdog Transparency International concludes.

Nearly one third of the European Parliament’s 751 members declare income from private activities that top up their monthly pre-tax salary of €8,484 (net €6,611) – annual gross salary of €101,808, Transparency International claims.

But the share of EU lawmakers with a second job was higher among eurosceptics, with more than half of the 35 members of the far-right Europe of Nations and Freedom Group (ENF) declaring incomes from non-parliamentary activities.

Next to their salary MEPs receive  ‘daily attendance allowance’ because MEPs are required to move between their constituencies and the European Parliament’s two main places of work – Brussels and Strasbourg, they can claim a subsistence allowance to cover expenses such as hotel rooms and/or flat rental and meals. This allowance is a payment of €306 per day, and is payable for each day that MEPs attend an official Parliament meeting or are present at an EU institutions  during an official working day for work purposes. No receipts are required as this is a lump-sum payment, made if we sign the official register or the attendance list at the official meeting.

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