Climate change on top of EU agenda

Climate change, the rule of law and search for a modernized model for growth should be on the top  of the European Union’ agenda, the bloc’s leaders concluded at informal Summit in Sibiu meant to demonstrate unity and optimism amid Brexit crisis.

However, their informal Summit in the Romanian town of Sibiu did not propose any action plan on how to achieve the ambitious goals.

The leaders of all members except the UK met on Europe Day in Sibibu, in historical center, which has been recently renovated with aid of the EU funds, creating an optimistic backdrop for the Informal Summit, and also underlining the positive impact of the EU on development of the Eastern Europe.

However the EU realities are less optimistic, because the Europeans are no so much impressed by the symbolism of stars, blue flags, photo sessions and handshakes. They are waiting for tangible results, including economic growth, rising of living standards, and security.

According to latest Ipsos polss Marine Le Pen party RN is leading in upcoming European elections with 22% of votes.



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