Elisabeth Revol conquers Everest

French climber Elisabeth Revol (39), who was dramatically rescued last year from Himalaya peak Nanga Parbat, reached Lhotse, a day after conquering the top of Everest without supplemental oxygen, her expedition organiser said.

She summited Everest yesterday and reached the top of Lhotse this morning. Her health is well and she is heading down from Camp 3 now,Rishi Ram Bhandari from Satori Adventures told AFP.

Ms.Revol was attempting to summit the mountains without supplemental oxygen in classical style of Alps climbing, becoming the first French woman to set the record.

Last year, Revol and Polish climber Tomek Mackiewicz were attempting to scale the 8,125-metre Nanga Parbat peak in winter, which ended in drama.

Mackiewicz succumbed to sickness caused by lack of oxygen, and Revol was rescued by two champion climbers Denis Urubko (45), and Adam Bielecki (34) just on time. According to Revol she had badly frozen foot, hands, and already suffered hallucinations. The rescue duo ascended in the darkness of the night vertical ice cliffs to reach Revol, and ensure her transportation to the camp.

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