PACE votes to restore Russian vote

Common sense has prevailed in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe where for the first time over the past five years the aggressive anti-Russian minority has failed to impose its viewpoint, Russian Senator Konstantin Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page, commenting on a resolution enabling Russian legislators to return to PACE and take part in the summer session.

However the main distinguishing feature of the discussion was an unprecedented polarization of opinions and the same intensity of passion. Indeed, despite the absence in the text of the report of a mention of any country, it came down to the theme of Russia – to be or not to be in PACE” Konstantin Kosachev writes.

“And, despite the voting result that suits our country (118 for, 62 against, 10 abstentions), it cannot but be alarming that our opponents in the Assembly again tried to throw dirt at Russia, attributing to it any possible and impossible sins against “European values” . Shamelessly, all myths and fakes went into action, they were not shy in expressions. Apart from the Ukrainians, the British, especially in conjunction with the Georgians (and where they were without them), presented the lion’s share of the amendments “for three”, especially succeeded. By the way, ingloriously failed the lion’s share”

Kosachev FB

The Russian delegation is ready to return to PACE for the sake of the truth, Kosachev underlined. “This platform cannot be left at the mercy of Russophobes, who dream about kicking Russia out of Europe,” he went on to say.

Earlier, PACE approved the resolution of Belgian representative Petra De Sutter that will allow the Russian delegation to take part in the Assembly’s June session. Subsequently Russia will be able to present a delegation to PACE on June 25, paving the way for participation in the election of a new secretary-general for the Council of Europe the next day.

The head of the Russian State Duma’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Leonid Slutsky, concluded that PACEmade a huge step toward defending the rights of national delegations.”

Russia‘s delegation will not tolerate “any more sanctions, no matter how insignificant, Slutsky added.

Members of the permanent delegation of Ukraine‘s Verkhovna Rada (parliament) attempted to introduce the amendments to the draft resolution, but they were declined. A total of 220 amendments were reviewed, which were overwhelmingly rejected. Separate points were withdrawn by their authors. Consideration of the amendments lasted about four hours.

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