#NATO Trump criticises European allies

President Trump has criticized the European allies before a NATO anniversary summit in London, describing out the President Macron  comments as  “very nasty” (NATO “brain death”-EDM) and Germany reluctance to spend on defense.

Trump demanded Europe to pay more for defense and also make concessions to U.S. interests on trade.

The criticism of the American President evoked immediate reactions from different angle of the European political spectrum.

The European Renew party Guy Verhofstad wrote: “Trump says Europe is not spending enough on military. Wrong! Europe spends lots of money on defence: 40% of US  & 4 x Russia. The problem is we duplicate our expenditure 28 times. Only a European Army as a pillar of NATO can solve this. That’s what Trump should be pushing for. .

“While the United States threatens to overtax French products by up to 100%, France and the EU unrequited increase imports of US beef without customs duties. This submission is unbearable, defend our economy!” wrote in his Twitter micro blog Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, the leader of ‘Debout la France’  party.

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