Swiss referendum on EU migrants

More than 325,000 cross-border workers from Germany, Italy, and France and travel to Switzerland each day to work. However, convinced that foreigners take jobs away from the Swiss, the People’s Party (SVP) party intends to step out from the free-movement accord, which guarantees the rights of EU and EFTA (Norway and Iceland) nationals to enter Swiss Labor market and reside in Switzerland.

The Swiss SVP has launched a campaign to end the “uncontrolled and disproportionate immigration” from the EU, a proposal that will be voted on in a nationwide referendum on May 17th.

The SVP is one of Switzerland’s major parties with over 30% of seats in the parliament, has been campaigning to diminish the influx of labor migrants, being convinced that the rapprochement with the European Union is not conducive to public good.

Bern and the Brussels entered argument in 2014 when Swiss voters backed another SVP-initiated referendum ‘against mass immigration’, designed to frame migrants from EU bloc, aiming in protection of the Swiss workers.

The parliament decided to endorse a the softer version of the mass immigration initiative, fearing the retaliation of the EU – the attempt of compromise caused the SVP indignation.

At present Tamedia’s survey indicated that of about 11,000 people across Switzerland 58% of respondents were against SVP’s idea, 35% approved it, and 7% have not decided yet on the referendum in May.

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