Belgium: Big Pharma Waterloo?

Brussels 01.11.2021 A number of Belgium MPs from the majority led by Mr. Servais Verherstraeten introduced a bill intended to approve the “epidemic emergency” On October 28, 2021. After all, the pandemic law requires that the government must approve this state within fortnight after the government has declared the epidemic emergency, reads announcement on Belgium site “Virus Waanzin” (Virus Nonsense), which unites sceptical and critical voices against the pandemic management.(Image: Waterloo, Beglium)

“The bill will be discussed urgently in parliament in the coming days.
If parliament DOES NOT approve this law, the epidemic emergency will expire. It is therefore a matter of convincing as many MPs as possible in the coming days not to approve the law. I call on all of you to make massive efforts to do this immediately. Convince the MPs you know or are close to not to push the population into apartheid and tyranny!

“The government believes that the emergency should be declared on the basis of a mathematical model. A model that predicts that the number of hospital admissions will be highest in the second half of November with an intensive care load of between 400 and 500 patients. According to the government, this would “put pressure on the healthcare sector”.

Quote: “The modeling as included in the document “SARS-CoV-2 variants and vaccination in Belgium” of October 12, 2021, prepared by the Simid consortium, shows that the peak in hospital burden of the fourth wave would be expected In the second half of November, this prospective modeling shows a load of ICU services between 400 and 500 COVID patients at the height of a fourth wave, putting pressure on the continuity of normal services and regular non-COVID care Even if the prospective modeling does not look beyond mid-December for methodological reasons, the endpoint of the model shows that in mid-December the hospital load would still be higher than the current load. Furthermore, from the previous waves, we learned that a normalisation of the situation in hospitals takes several weeks.”

“In the second wave, about 1,500 Covid patients were admitted to the ICU. Now 500 should already give rise to an “emergency”. This is an absolute shame. We have been asking for the ICs to expire for a year and a half now, which the government is not doing. But now an emergency has to be declared in Belgium for 500 beds that would be occupied at the top at the end of November.

“We have not yet been able to get our hands on the SIMID report. If you find that report, please post it on Facebook. Very curious what sorcery will be used next. It’s the time of year for that.
We know how badly the mathematicians have been wrong in the past 2 years. It would be a miracle if they were right.

“So we get an emergency that is declared on the basis of mathematical divination. What will the government do if it turns out that there will eventually be a peak of, say, 300 beds? Excuse himself?
What a gamble to put the entire country in an emergency for 500 beds in IC on such loose grounds”.

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