Sassoli leukaemia cover-up

Strasbourg 17.012022 OPINION Anna van Densky Like his fellow French Socialist politician President Mitterrand, the European Parliament president Italian Socialist David Sassoli concealed the truth about his state of health, orchestrating leukemia cover-up. Only after the necrology was published the European citizens discovered that he suffered from myeloma, a form of blood cancer, and had undergone a bone marrow transplant. The deteriorating state of health, caused by the cancer, led to his transfer to Aviano medical centre, where he was a patient previously. It was decided on 26 December when Sassoli condition worsened after one last relapse on Christmas days. The was followed by the legionella pneumonia,late Sassoli had announced about in a video on November 9, 2021, also talking about a hospitalisation in Brussels, however he did not reveal the major disease. Meanwhile his staff was engaging in multiplying various statement, continuing creating an illusion of working at distance.
(Image: archive, illustration).

The Aviano institute explained the reasons for David Sassoli’s death with a minimalistic statement:
A serious complication due to a “dysfunction of the immune system”. Nothing else, no detail in respect of the confidentiality maintained by President Sassoli and his family as if he is a regular citizen! The cover-up of the terminal stage of blood cancer, creation image of distance-work, breaks the promise of transparency of the EU instituions, namely the European Parliament in times when the erosion of trust of citizens to their governments is at lowest, due to little success in handling of pandemic. The memory of Sassoli will be tarnished, including the image of the Socialists.

Aviano is a structure of excellence at an international level and follows patients with neoplasms of the haematopoietic system, acute and chronic leukemia and other diseases of this type. The Aviano institute is a very modern facility, opened in 1984 and recognized since 1990 as a scientific hospitalization and treatment institute by the Ministry of Health.

“Presidents have been always worried about showing bad health,” CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley told CNN anchor Don Lemon on Friday night. “Woodrow Wilson had a stroke, they covered it up. FDR covered up a lot of health things,” Brinkley said.
However Americans nowadays have made it clear they require to know the truth about the health of their commander in chief, he added.
“Since the ’80s, we’ve been very vigilant on medical records, tell us what’s going on, we demand to know, there’s no more … Woodrow Wilson-era cover-ups allowed,” Brinkley said. “We, as a public, are demanding more.”
There were plenty of example in history of such a cover up.
Ronald Reagan: Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s after his presidency. Whether it affected his ability to function while in office is a subject of debate. Today, however, medical science knows Alzheimer’s begins in the brain 20 to 30 years before symptoms begin.
“Can you rely on the politician’s physician to spot these types of issues? Some illnesses are only known by the symptoms the patient complains of,” Post said. “The softening of mental processes that begin in early Alzheimer’s, for example, may only show up if the politician complains about it.”

The hidden cancer of François Mitterrand has been the subject of a French political scandal having been made public in the middle of François Mitterrand’s second term. It was revealed in 1992 following a surgical operation that the President of the Republic had cancer. In the months that followed, rumours swelled and it was revealed that François Mitterrand had been suffering from cancer since 1981.

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