Borrell: Gorbachev era “vanished”

Brussels 31.08.2022 “Mikhail Gorbachev brought with Glasnost and Perestroika a wind of freedom to the Soviet block.
He helped end the Cold War and fundamentally change global security, ushering in an era of mutually beneficial cooperation. An era that vanished and is urgently needed again” wrote the EU top diplomat Josep Borrell, reacting upon news of Gorbachev,91, passed away.

However the EU diplomat has not expressed condolences to the family, closed ones or Russian people, altogether indicating the EU is not prepared to follow the path of peace Gorbachev perused all his life. At present the European diplomacy continues to outline three major goals: putting pressure on Russia; supporting Ukraine, and addressing the wider fallout of the armed conflict in Ukraine that affects the whole world. Moreover Borrell promised to address the issue of visa ban for Russian citizens, aiming at stripping Russian citizens from their right of free movement, bringing back the realities of Cold war and Iron Curtain.

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