Borrell cancels visit to China

Brussels 13.04.2023 The EU top diplomat Josep Borrell said that he had to postpone his visit to Beijing, explaining his decision by the positive COVID-19 test. (Image above: illustration)

Amid rising tensions between China and U.S over Taiwan, and Chinese drills close to the island, the leadership of People’s Republic might not be in the right mood to accept the visit of the EU diplomat with the EU tutorials, especially after the unfortunate visit of Mr.Borrell’s boss – the European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen, whose speech ahead of the visit was regarded as provocative and rude towards Chinese leadership.

Further in the course of the visit to Beijing the divergence of the EU and France views on the future on the frame of relations with China, and the attitude towards the argument over Taiwan became obvious during the visit, and cause the diplomatic tensions within the EU, and beyond.

Beijing considers the self-governing island as a part of its national territory and must be reintegrated, preferably by peaceful means but with the use of military force might occur in case the preferable scenario fails.

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