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Costas MAVRIDES, MEP, OPINION Cyprus position on sanctions vs distortions
Erdogan is breaking fundamental EU and International Law in his expansionist policies to restore the Ottoman empire and turn himself into the Sultan of modern times. Domestically, he crashed the media and imprisoned thousands of journalists, academics, judges and political opponents. He is obsessed with Islamism, recently converted two of the finest Byzantine Christian cathedrals into mosques against UNESCO rules and promoting political Islam in Europe. He has breached NATO obligations by buying Russian missiles. He turned the migration flow into a tool for blackmailing the EU and interferes in the politics of European countries including France and Germany, insisting that Turkish EU citizens owe loyalty only to Turkey. He invaded into Iraq and Syria where still occupies the Afrin area. He has an open war on the Kurds within and around Turkey. He intervened in Libya and continues his aggression with the supply of arms against the UN Security Council Resolutions. He has illegally militarize the sea in the Aegean, acting against the sovereign rights of Greece. He has invaded in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus extending Turkish illegal occupation of the northern part of the Republic of Cyprus into its waters zones.

The invasion in the Cyprus water zones is taking place for some years now for which Cyprus is pleading for EU solidarity. Last week, the European Parliament has spoken once again, condemning the aggression of Turkey in the Mediterranean and calling the European Council to consider targeted and sectoral sanctions against Turkey. These blatant violations of rule of law within Turkey and against EU and International Law -against the sovereign rights of two member states of EU-, take place while Turkey is an EU accession country.
The last few weeks we have seen the authoritarian regime of Belarus actions against its citizens. During the Council in Berlin an agreement was reached that EU sanctions are going to be imposed on Belarus and Turkey. Now, some member states don’t want sanctions on Turkey, while Cyprus insists on the implementation of the agreement reached asking for sanctions on both Turkey and Belarus. The EU High Representative Josep Borrell stated in the EP that sanctions will be imposed on Turkey over its actions in the Cypriot EEZ and called the EU member states to implement the Berlin agreement. The above are the facts without any distortions. Anyone can decide who is the defender of European values, EU Law and Europe long term interests.
Costas Mavrides, Member of European Parliament
Chair of the Political Committee of the Mediterranean
Member of Cyprus Democratic Party

CASTALDO: Turkey’ Afrin offensive is disgrace to EU

Fabio CASTALDO, the vice-president of the European Parliament expresses his concerns with the Turkey’s offensive in Afrin, and calls the EU diplomacy to react with determination to stop bombings, and convince Turkey to return to the legality and responsibility of its actions. CASTALDO finds the status of the candidate country, granted to Turkey, as particularly disgraceful for the EU, ignoring reality of visible moving away of Ankara from democratic standards.

MEPs demand to halt Turkish offensive in Afrin

Members of European Parliament requested an immediate international diplomatic action to stop Turkish offensive in Afrin, they have addressed their pledge to the European diplomacy and NATO. MEPs reminded Turkish government about its obligations in the frame of international law, and pointed that Ankara not only abuses human rights at home, but now launched a full-fledged offensive against Afrin, without any consideration of its international obligations, incompatible also with its status of the EU candidate country. MEPs also expressed their disappointment with a sluggish reaction of the EU diplomacy, led by Federica Mogherini, and called for a Plenary debate in February, with a view of a EP resolution on the issue.

The Chair of the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left of the European Parliament Gabi ZIMMER called for freezing the accession negotiations with Turkey, she also expects a different level of engagement of EU member-states and European diplomacy.

MEP Branislav SKRIPEK (ECR group, Slovakia) expressed his disappointment with a reaction of the EU institutions on Turkey’s assault in Afrin: “It is a shame!” – SKRIPEK said.