MEPs demand to halt Turkish offensive in Afrin

Members of European Parliament requested an immediate international diplomatic action to stop Turkish offensive in Afrin, they have addressed their pledge to the European diplomacy and NATO. MEPs reminded Turkish government about its obligations in the frame of international law, and pointed that Ankara not only abuses human rights at home, but now launched a full-fledged offensive against Afrin, without any consideration of its international obligations, incompatible also with its status of the EU candidate country. MEPs also expressed their disappointment with a sluggish reaction of the EU diplomacy, led by Federica Mogherini, and called for a Plenary debate in February, with a view of a EP resolution on the issue.

The Chair of the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left of the European Parliament Gabi ZIMMER called for freezing the accession negotiations with Turkey, she also expects a different level of engagement of EU member-states and European diplomacy.

MEP Branislav SKRIPEK (ECR group, Slovakia) expressed his disappointment with a reaction of the EU institutions on Turkey’s assault in Afrin: “It is a shame!” – SKRIPEK said.


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