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UKIP MEP blasts Brexit draft deal

UKIP Member of European Parliament David Coburn describes the Article 50 Agreement presented by the Prime Minister Theresa May as the “worst deal that the world has ever known”. Mr.Coburn  says it has none of the advantages and all of the downside, and even worse than being in the EU.

No-one in their right mind would sign up to this. She’s betrayed the country and she’s betrayed her party I believe. And she’s misled her cabinet who are resigning in droves and I don’t blame them frankly — it’s appalling“, the MEP concluded. “British people don’t want to be close to the European Union, it is the last thing they want”.


Coburn: PM Michel spoke in ‘unfortunate’ time

David COBURN MEP (UK, UKIP) comments of #FutrureofEurope debate with Belgium Prime Minister Charles Michel, and massive failure of MEPs to show up at Brussels hemicycle.

Michel EP BXL
Michel listed three imperatives: fostering prosperity, delivering security and protecting fundamental values. The UKIP group criticized the position of PM, pointing out that he avoided to mention the major EU ‘accident’ of Brexit, and rising euroscepticism. The disappointed citizens vote for parties defending nation-state idea, turning away from globalist pan-European structures. The UKIP vows the UK is not the last member to leave the Union, but a first one in a process of the dismantling of obsolete, bureaucratic construction.