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Roskosmos official fled Russia

Roskosmos is shaken by a new scandal – one of the top managers of the Russian state corporation, Yuri Yaskin the general director of the Research Institute for Space Instrument Engineering (NII KP), which develops and manufactures radio equipment and electronics, resigned and fled Russia, leaving the enterprise amid audit.  According to Russian media, Yaskin wrote his resignation report from abroad, without returning from Europe. In April he received permission for a business trip to a European country, he used this opportunity to say farewell to the enterprise via a letter. (Image above: illustration).

Currently, the former director is presumably in Greece, Kommersant newspaper reports, citing unnamed top managers of defense industry enterprises.

The audit of the company and the subsequent departure of  Yaskin are associated with a warning that was sent out in early February to the management of the enterprises of the industry by Director General of Roscosmos Dmintry Rogozin, who reminded the directors of what happens when financial and economic irregularities are discovered. “I warn you about personal responsibility in the event of the discovery of such violations,” the letter said.

Amb.Grushko leaves Brussels for MFA Moscow

NATO underlines good professional relations with leaving for Moscow Alexander Grushko as Russia’s permanent representative to NATO and congratulates him on his appointment as the Russian deputy foreign minister.

Some experts consider Andrey Kelin as a probable candidate to replace Amb.Grushko. Kelin came to prominence while representing Russia in OSCE (2011-2015). However the others consider Kelin as far too sophisticated diplomat for the vacancy. The relations between Russia and the West has been at its lowest since Cold War times, and there is also a guess that the next ambassador candidacy will reflect the need to articulate Russian position in much more vigorous style, than of classical diplomacy language. The other possibility will be an appointment of one of prominent Russian nationalist politicians, as it was the case with Dmitry Rogozin, who preceded Amb.Grusko as an envoy to NATO. Rogozin’ style was characterised by a strong accent on public relations, and mediatisation of Russian foreign policy. Rogozin was also a pioneer of social networks use in diplomacy, especially active in Twitter microblog.


Vučić victim to charlatans of Russian defence industry

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić has fallen victim to charlatans drowning a life Teckel dog during his visit to Centre of perspective research of Russian defence industries. Guided by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Serbian guest was confronted with a demonstration, claiming a scientific breakthrough of Russian researches.

While forcefully drowning the Teckel in a glass tank, a commentator explained that a ‘special liquid fills the lungs and the dog starts to breath’. After a few minutes a tortured animal was taken out of the tank still alive, dried and taken away. The vice-prime minister Rogozin concluded it was an example of ‘liquid breathing’,  a science of tomorrow, ‘the very same future, where we are aiming at”.

The dog abusers were dismantled swiftly and publicly during RainTV programme by Russian journalists Pavel Lobkov and military expert Alexander Nevzorov, who described a show, presented to Serbian President as senseless “torture of an animal”, and the innovation of ‘liquid breathing’ as a forgotten American technology of the mid last century, which did not produce a desired effect and was abandoned, and forgotten. They added that nobody could survive drowning in liquid so far, and presumed the Teckel passed away some hours later.

Rogozin made a show to fool people, – Alexander Nevzorov said , commenting on liquid breathing. – .. All previous experiments failed, so will they in future”. He also accused minister in breaking laws of ethics, sacrificing an animal to impress the foreign guest. ‘Who needs this knackers theatre? It has nothing to do with research and science!” – Nevzorov concluded.

Russian social media reacted with an uproar dabbing experiment lauded by Rogozin as “fascist” and “hellish”, and Alliance of Animal Defenders chair Yuri Koretsky addressed a complaint to Russian minister of interior, demanding investigation in this case of public torture of an animal by a group of people, violating Criminal Code article 245.

The scandal broke out the same day President Vladimir Putin signed a law enforcing protection of animals against human cruelty, and it has been in center of public attention in Russia since. One of the candidates for next year presidential race, Ksenia Sobchak, promised to her indignant electorate to fail a complaint to prosecutors about Rogozin animal cruelty show to Vučić.

Spokesperson of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov tried to quell the public indignation, suggesting to Kremlin press corps that the dog has survived the experiment.

“The dog is alive? Alive! So what’s the question” – Peskov said, advising to address further inquiries about the animal to Rogozin, who supervised the experiment.

Russian Orthodox bishop Grigory Mikhnov-Vaitenko condemned the torture of the Teckel to impress Serbian President as a “Stone Age”.

“This ambivalent experiment is not acceptable neither from humanistic, nor from a religious point of view”, – the Bishop said, reflecting upon an experiment to impress Serbian President. “Cynical attitude towards animals is inadmissible.”

The sources close to Rogozin team said it was a “serious mistake” of minister’s protocol service to allow the cruel experiment to happen publicly.

The incident causing wave of public outrage added one more stain to the period of Rogozin leadership of defence industry marked by chronic failures of  launches of a record number of rockets with sputniks:  Zenit-3SL (Feb 2013), rocket Proton-M (July 2013), rocket Proton M (May 2014), rocket Soyuz-2.1a (April 2015), rocket Proton-M (May 2015), rocket Soyuz-2.1b (Dec.2015), rocket Soyuz Y (Dec.2016), 28 November 2017 – rocket Soyuz-2.16 with 19 sputniks aboard fell into the ocean.

However none of Rogozin rocket launches failures were accompanied by such a public uproar and indignation as a show of cruel drowning of a little frightened dog in a glass tank to impress the foreign guest.

Image: a screenshot from a Russian TV transmission, last image of Teckel alive taken away by assistants.

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