Amb.Grushko leaves Brussels for MFA Moscow

NATO underlines good professional relations with leaving for Moscow Alexander Grushko as Russia’s permanent representative to NATO and congratulates him on his appointment as the Russian deputy foreign minister.

Some experts consider Andrey Kelin as a probable candidate to replace Amb.Grushko. Kelin came to prominence while representing Russia in OSCE (2011-2015). However the others consider Kelin as far too sophisticated diplomat for the vacancy. The relations between Russia and the West has been at its lowest since Cold War times, and there is also a guess that the next ambassador candidacy will reflect the need to articulate Russian position in much more vigorous style, than of classical diplomacy language. The other possibility will be an appointment of one of prominent Russian nationalist politicians, as it was the case with Dmitry Rogozin, who preceded Amb.Grusko as an envoy to NATO. Rogozin’ style was characterised by a strong accent on public relations, and mediatisation of Russian foreign policy. Rogozin was also a pioneer of social networks use in diplomacy, especially active in Twitter microblog.


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