Dutch enter coalition limbo

There is no ‘absolute’ winner in Dutch general elections as the three leading parties together received less than half of the votes. The  situation is not an easy one for forming a functional coalition government. Mark Rutte is not new to Dutch politics, subsequently he is expected to carry on the task of creating a…

Dutch vote: Mark Rutte leads with 32 seats

Preliminary results of #DutchElections Liberal VVD: 32 seats Conservative CDA: 20 Far-right PVV: 19 Liberal D66: 18 Greens: 14 (source: ANP) Preliminary results of #DutchElectionsLiberal VVD: 32 seatsConservative CDA: 20Far-right PVV: 19Liberal D66: 18Greens: 14(source: ANP) pic.twitter.com/1xVH98jK4T — DW Europe (@dw_europe) March 16, 2017  

Dutch elections: high turnout

At 5:45 p.m. (1645 GMT), turnout was 55 percent, seven points higher than in 2012, according to an Ipsos exit poll. In Amsterdam, a quarter of people had voted by 1200 GMT, compared with 14 percent in 2012.    

Dutch in decisive vote

  With as many as four in 10 of the Netherlands’ 13 million eligible voters undecided a day before voting, and just 5 percentage points separating the top four parties, turnout could be crucial.  

High turnout in Dutch elections

The Hague. Voter turnout in Wednesday’s Dutch parliamentary election was far higher than five years ago according to pollster Ipsos, which is conducting an exit poll. At 1245 GMT, when polls had been open for just over six hours, turnout was estimated at 33 percent, compared to 27 percent at the last election in 2012,…

Dutch elections: a way to #Nexit?

Anna van Densky . OPINION  The Dutch began voting in the general elections today, selecting politicians for the ‘Tweede Kamer’- the parliament; the event is out of ordinary, expecting to influence the direction of the nation’s development for decades to come. The major competition is between the center-right and right parties, having contrasting programmes, especially vis-à-vis  the…

Rutte admits Wilders can win

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said there is a real possibility that anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders will win the parliamentary election on Wednesday. Erdogan repeats we are nazis + fascists. He insults Dutch police. No de-escalation. Expel Turkish Ambassador to NL and entire staff! — Geert Wilders (@geertwilderspvv) March 13, 2017 “There is a real…