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ISIS fighter repatriated to Italy

An Italian foreign fighter was repatriated on after being arrested in Syria, ANSA news agency reports. (Image above: illustration).
Samir Bougana, (25) from Moroccan  origin, allegedly first fought with militias affiliated to Al Qaeda and then with ISIS.

An arrest warrant for Bougana  was issued for the crime of association with terrorism after Brescia prosecutors opened an investigation into his activities in 2015. He is suspected to have reached the war zone in 2013 from Germany. His repatriation was fulfilled in cooperation between the Italian authorities and the FBI, who contacted the Kurdish-Syrian forces that Bougana surrendered to in August 2018.

Bougana was born in Gavardo, near Brescia, and lived in Italy until he was 16 before moving to Germany with his family.

Vatican hopes to recover Caravaggio masterpiece

The Vatican has called a conference of exerts in an attempt to recover “the world’s most wanted painting”, a Nativity by Caravaggio brutally stolen from a Palermo church allegedly by the Mafia 39 years ago, the day after it was phrased in a TV show about ‘forgotten‘ art treasures. Recently the investigators made a trip to an unspecified city in Eastern Europe in connection with their enquiries, suggesting that there might be a recovery of the masterpiece soon.

The meeting at Palazzo della Cancelleria aims to “put the Nativity at the centre of international debate so that the painting can finally be found”. The priceless painting by Caravaggio was first believed to have been destroyed shortly after it disappeared in 1969.
However the investigators say is actually still intact and could be hidden somewhere in Eastern Europe, while earlier this year there was an information about traces of it in Switzerland.

Police specialised in hunting down stolen art have come upon traces of the work and are convinced it is still in one piece, Colonel Fernando Musella of the Carabinieri police told a press conference

Moscow protests against FBI searches in its US missions

The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned a US envoy in Moscow to protest against Washington’s plans to conduct searches in Russia’s trade mission in Washington.

According to a Foreign Ministry statement, Anthony F. Godfrey, a deputy chief of mission at the US Embassy in Moscow, was summoned and given a note of protest regarding the planned “illegal inspection” of the buildings of Russian mission.

The statement denounced the plan as an “unprecedented aggressive action,” which might be used by the US special services for “anti-Russian provocations” by “planting compromised items.” (In tweet below the images of empty rooms of Russian trade mission in Washington before the FBI search).

The premises of Russian Consulate and  trade missions are ordered to close by a given deadline of September, 2.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said the American special services were also getting prepared for searches in its San Francisco consulate.