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Journalist killed in terrorist incident in N.Ireland

An journalist was killed after shots were fired during a “terrorist incident”in the Northern Irish city of Londonderry overnight. As soon as the violence erupted police said it was likely the act of militant nationalists opposed to the British region’s 1998 peace deal.

Rioting broke out in the Irish nationalist Creggan area of the city late night on April 18 following a raid by police, who said they were intended to prevent militant attacks planned for the weekend. Nevertheless At least 50 petrol bombs were thrown and two cars set on fire.

“Unfortunately at 11 o’clock last night a gunman appeared and fired a number of shots toward the police and a young woman, Lyra McKee 29 year old was wounded” and later succumbed to injuries, Police Service of Northern Ireland Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton told press on April 19.

AMENDED: Late Lyra McKee lived in Belfast, she replaced Mediagazer’s founding editor at age of 21. McKee was passionate about journalism, and  venturing new ways of producing information in digital age, then she worked from her home and sometimes from the Sinammon Coffee Shop on Botanic Avenue struggling  to make living out of journalism. In Skype Video below McKee explains her vision of profession (published on March 20, 2018).

AMENDED: The president of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani expressed his sorrow, and demanded investigation on death of Lyra McKee.  During his mandate Tajani has attributed names of three journalists slain in terrorist acts to EP press-center auditoriums in Strasbourg.


Varadkar blames Brexit undermining ‘Good Friday’

Brexit has undermined the Good Friday Agreement which ended thirty years of violence in Northern Ireland, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said.

Brexit has undermined the Good Friday Agreement and is fraying the relationship between Britain and Ireland,” he told Irish state broadcaster RTE.

The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit, becoming  the land border between the EU and the UK,  has been one of the major challenges in Article 50 negotiations, expected to be concluded with a deal regulating the border functioning from the end of March next year onward.

Anything that pulls the communities apart in Northern Ireland undermines the Good Friday Agreement, and anything that pulls Britain and Ireland apart undermines that relationship,” Varadkar added.

MEP Carver: no politician calls for Irish ‘hard border’

James CARVER MEP (UKIP) reflects upon visit of Irish Prime minister Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to Strasbourg. The speech of Irish head of government at European Parliament plenary and a subsequent exchange of views with MEPs has been marked by Euro enthusiastic stance, and demonstrated a good will to continue a path of further integration into the EU27 – an ‘ever closer Union’ Britons rejected.


Safeguarding Good Friday Agreement

“On Ireland and Northern Ireland, Michel gave credit to this, our coordinators have met again to build on discussions in July” – said the UK top negotiator David Davis, following the third round of Brexit talks in Brussels. “We had a good discussion on maintaining the Common Travel Area and on safeguarding the Good Friday Agreement, on the basis of the UK paper” – David ensured, underlining there is a high degree of convergence on these key issues, and we agreed to work up shared principles on the Common Travel Area. He also pointed out that there is a need to carry out further joint technical work on cross-border co-operation under the Good Friday Agreement.