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Rouhani admits political demands of Iranian youth

President Hassan Rouhani said young Iranian protesters were unhappy about far more than just the economy and they would no longer defer to the views and lifestyle of an aging revolutionary elite.

The pragmatic cleric, who defeated anti-Western hardliners to win re-election last year, also called for the lifting of curbs on social media used by anti-government protesters in the most sustained challenge to conservative authorities since 2009.

“It would be a misrepresentation (of events) and also an insult to Iranian people to say they only had economic demands,” Rouhani was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency.

“People had economic, political and social demands.”

Rouhani, 69, suggested there was a generational element to the unrest, which appears to have been spearheaded by under-25s.

“We cannot pick a lifestyle and tell two generations after us to live like that. It is impossible… The views of the young generation about life and the world is different than ours,” he said.

Orban defines migrants as “Muslim invaders”

The EU leaders will be forced to respect public opposition to mass #migration and concern over terrorism threats in 2018, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after meeting in Bavaria, Germany.

Meeting the Christian Social Union (CSU)’s parliamentary group in Bavaria, the Hungarian leader told reporters that #migration has become a “problem” for democracy in Europe because “leaders in many places are not doing what the people want them to.”

“Europeans have a clear will,” Orbán said during joint press conference. “They don’t want to live under the threat of terrorism, they want security, they want their borders to be protected.”

“I told our Bavarian friends that I believe 2018 will be the year of the restoration of the will of the people in Europe,” he said.

Orban said that he can only speak for the Hungarian people, and they don’t want any migration.  “In my understanding, it’s not possible for the people to have a will on a fundamental issue and for the government not to comply with it.”

He denied that most refugees come to Europe because they are fleeing dangerous conditions at home, but because they want to take advantage of economic opportunities.


Imams for peaceful Islam rally

Bringing a message of peace, a group of 60 Imams from several European countries have started a bus tour throughout the continent, visiting cities that have been affected by terrorist attacks.

The move came after the widespread criticism of Muslim community, ‘not doing enough’ to prevent the radicalization of youth.

Condemning extremism and religious fundamentalism, the imams seek to share their message of a peaceful Islam, according to Deutsche Welle.

The bus tour, called the “March of Muslims against Terrorism” departed from Paris on Saturday (8.07.2017) with prayers at a site on the Champs-Elysées where a policeman was killed, and a pedestrian wounded, earlier this year by an Islamist militant (Photo: illustration)

Suspect IS child-fighters in Chechnya

For the first time, severe repressive measures were applied  to minors attending Islamic schools (‘medrese’), which in the Chechen Republic in recent years became numerous, – reports ‘Novaya Gazeta’, Russia. The human rights activists inform about 200 jailed, suspected in sympathies to the Islamic state, including children, detained for direct and indirect participation in attacks on police (National Guards) in December last year.

The early and comprehensive  Islamic education, ahead of the secular one, might be a reason for young  Chechens stimulating interest in the religious aspect of armed conflicts. The Internet gives a lot of opportunities to satisfy this interest, especially since the propaganda of the Islamic State is designed primarily for users of social networks. Religious factor can explain the social “diversity” of the detainees, sympathising to IS, including many children of policemen and officials: in the other words from well-off Chechen families, claims ‘Novaya’.

The most vivid illustration for this phenomenon if raising sympathies to IS  in Chechnya is scandalous graffiti, appearing in February 2015 on a concrete wall surrounding a native village of the leader of Chechnya – Ramzan Kadyrov, – a wealthy compound of  Khosi -Yurt: the black flag of the Islamic state and the inscription “Hosi-Yurt in support of ISIS”.

The United Nations and human rights groups have been warning  about ISIS using @childsoldiers (Photo: illustration) in its battle to establish a caliphate in Iraq and Syria. The number of young recruits — lured or taken from already vulnerable situations, manipulated and forced into conflict — could be an even greater cause for international concern in years to come.

“They’ve deliberately been talking about a generational war and preparing the next generation,” Dr. Shelly Whitman, the executive director of the  Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative based at Halifax’s Dalhousie University.

ECJ ruling against headscarf

mulim women

The European Court of Justice (ECJ)  in Luxembourg decided in favor of a Belgian firm which had a rule barring employees who dealt with customers from wearing visible religious and political symbols may not have discriminated against a receptionist dismissed for wearing a headscarf.

From now onwards the compainies in the EU got a green light on demotivating  their staff from wearing Islamic headscarves and other visible religious or political symbols under certain conditions, the European Union’s top court ruled to big relief of those standing for secular societies.

The Open Society Justice Initiative, a group footed by the philanthropist George Soros, said the ruling weakens the guarantee of equality” established by  the EU non-discrimination laws.”



Marine Le Pen rejects to wear veil


Today Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate for France’s National Front party, canceled a meeting  with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti after refusing to wear a headscarf.

“You can pass on my respects to the Grand Mufti, but I will not cover myself up,” Le Pen said to reporters, explaining the reason of the cancellation.

The press office for the Grand Mufti said that Le Pen’s aides had been informed beforehand of their requirement for wear headscarf. The request is a standard implications for women in Islam. The situation accured during Le Pen visit to Lebanon as a part of her presidential campaign in search support of the international players.


Recently the EU politicians came under fire for giving in to wear scarfs during encounters with the Islamic leaders. The Swedish governmental delegation adapted completely to the Muslim rituals during their recent visit to Teheran with covered heads, long burka-like dresses and no hand-shakes with women.
Previously the EU top diplomats, Federica Mogherini and Catherine Ashton also were wearing scarfs during negotiations on the Iranian nuclear programme.
The issue of veil as a symbol of Muslim faith is attracting a lot of attention in a bigger debate on Islam incompatibility with democracy and Western values, namely gender equality.


Wilders enters elections race


Today  Dutch leader of  Party for Freedom (PVV) Geert Wilders launches his election campaign, based on protection of European values, intention to ban Muslim mass migration, and close all the mosques in the Netherlands as entities incompatible with democracy and human rights, especially gender equality. Married to a Hungarian diplomat, Wilders is a consequent defender of women’s rights, and new age multiculturalism, based on shared values, and respect of democracy, and of rule of law. Wilders, being a half-Indonisian, never opposed an immigration as such, neither immigrants, who were settling in the Netherlands in different epochs, creating unique hubs of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but specifically against Muslim mass migration leading to deterioration of security, steep rise of violent crime, and other well-known problems.

As the result of mass migration, the degradation of public life in one of the most liberal modern societies,  reflected also on political culture – the  extra security measures will be implied  to protect Wilders, obliged  to live under special protection programme after the 2004 assassination of  Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who criticised an ongoing abuse of women in Islam, and was killed in day light by a religious fanatic.

“I want us in government,” Wilders said. “The Netherland for the Netherlanders!” is the motto for his elections campaign running towards the 15th of March – the day citizens will be going to ballot-boxes. Lately polls showed Wilders popularity stabilized on the same level as incumbent Prime Minister Mark Rutte (liberal). Dutch system of creating coalition in the Parliament, will not allow Wilders to become next Prime Minister, even if he wins the popular vote. However in case of victory, his influence on political and public life will grow substantially to impact the other political forces.

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