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N.Ireland lawmakers “displeasure” with Brexit draft deal

The Northern Irish lawmakers, the allies of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s government sent her a stark warning over her draft Brexit deal, refusing  support in several parliamentary votes on a finance bill.

Since striking a draft Article 50 deal with the EU27 a week ago, some lawmakers in her Conservative Party have tried to challenge her leadership and her Northern Irish allies added the deal threatens the unity of the country.

May vowed to defend the fruits of her work  repeatedly cautioning her critics of the damages to the Britons if they undermine her, the United Kingdom will be confronted with a potentially disorderly departure from the EU on March 29 or that Brexit could be postponed or even canceled for that date.

“We had to do something to show our displeasure,” the DUP’s Brexit spokesman, Sammy Wilson, said.

The votes, he said, were “designed to send a political message to the government: Look we’ve got an agreement with you but you’ve got to keep your side of the bargain otherwise we don’t feel obliged to keep ours.”

Ireland attempts to influence UK to stay in Customs Union

“Their real aim is to try to get to a situation where either they try to force the United Kingdom as a whole to stay within the customs union, which is in their interests clearly,” Nigel Dodds, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for Belfast North, told Sky News.

“Or, if they fail that, to at least force Northern Ireland to stay within the customs union and the single market, follow the rules of it, something then we’d have no say over, but we’d have to abide by the rules which would then bring about a united Ireland much easier.”

Ireland is attempting to force the UK, or at least Northern Ireland, to remain in the customs union after Brexit as they assess it suits their national interest, the deputy leader of the province’s Nigel Dodds Democratic Unionist Party said on Friday.