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NATO-Russia Council resumed dialogue

“The NATO Russia Council had an open exchange on several topics, including the situation in and around Ukraine, issues related to military activities, transparency and risk reduction, as well as asymmetric techniques as aspects of doctrine and strategy. NATO and Russia both briefed on major upcoming exercises” – Oana Lungescu, NATO spokesperson tweeted a short compte-rendu.

“NATO’s approach to Russia is consistent. Practical cooperation was suspended in 2014 due to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. At the same time, channels for political dialogue are open and the NATO-Russia Council is an important forum. NATO and Russia also maintain open military-to-military lines of communication. NATO Allies welcomed the April meeting in Baku between the Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Scaparrotti, and the Russian Chief of the General Staff, General Gerasimov. The dialogue between NATO and Russia contributes to more predictable relations and enhanced mutual security” Lungescu continued.

Russian Representation was also very laconic, and published the following comment on the Facebook page:

“…The members of the NRC presented their assessments of the factors affecting the situation in the field of military security in the Euro-Atlantic region, discussed the ways to reduce current tensions and prevent dangerous incidents.

In order to increase the predictability of military activities in accordance with established practice, the sides exchanged briefings on the upcoming significant exercises of the armed forces of NATO members states and Russia this year”.

At present, as the site of Russian Representation at NATO confirms, the Ambassador’s job is “vacant” (pictured in a grey box). The Mission is lead by high-ranked diplomat Yuri Andreevich Gorlach.

Russians at NATO

Previous NATO-Russia Council on the level of Ambassadors took place on 26th October 2017, with the situation in Afghanistan, as the central theme, the other issues discussed were military training exercises, and the conflict in Ukraine.

There were no press-conferences, or other exchanges with press foreseen to comment on the outcome of the meeting.


NATO-Russia Council scheduled end May

The NATO-Russia Council (NRC) meeting at the level of ambassadors will be held on May 31, a representative of the alliance confirmed to TASS news agency.

The NRC meeting at the level of ambassadors will take place on May 31, 2018 in Brussels. This is part of our double approach to relations with Russia, based on strong defense and a consistent dialogue,” he said.

This is going to be the seventh NRC meeting over the past two years,” he said, adding that the alliance is committed to opening up new channels of dialogue with Russia despite the fact that practical cooperation has been suspended.

Earlier NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, that the NRC meeting would be held on May 31.

The latest meeting of the NATO-Russia Council took place in October 2017.


NATO perceives Kremlin arms show as “counterproductive”

President Vladimir Putin‘s warnings to NATO allies are “unacceptable”, they do not help efforts to resolve tensions, the Alliance made clear a day after the President Putin publicly demonstrated a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Criticising NATO for expansion eastwards to Russian borders, Putin said in a highly publicised speech that any attack on Kremlin allies would be regarded as an offensive on Russia itself and evoke an immediate response.

“Russian statements threatening to target allies are unacceptable and counterproductive,” NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu said in a statement.
Experts in nuclear weapons and their politics said the move was far from a shock, given a years-long deterioration of global arms reduction efforts and the recent Trump administration announcement that the United States plans to deploy its own new nuclear tech, LiveScience reports.