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Batten MEP calls for hard Brexit

Gerard BATTEN MEP (UKIP) shared his views on Brexit vote in Westminster, and commented on proposals of political groups of the European Parliament to extend deadline if needed. Batten also warned against Brexit EU trap, which will make Britons an eternal vassal of Brussels.

Ahead of the vote Batten said that the best way to Brexit is just to go without any deal, and then gradually restore the  sovereignty of the UK, adjusting laws to citizens needs. MEP does not believe Prime Minister Theresa May intentions to leave the EU, and deliver Brexit, he presumes that May as a Remainer will do everything in her power to tight Britons to EU forever.

The readiness to extend the deadline for Brexit  has been expressed by Esteban GONZALES PONS (Spain), representing the EPP, the biggest Europarliament group, however he added that Westminster has to make up their mind before the European elections in May this year.

The leader of Greens Philippe LAMBERTS (Belgium) has a vision of the II referendum as the best solution for a current political deadlock in Westminster, highly likely to be voted down the Article 50 deal with the EU27, negotiated by Theresa MAY government.

Brexit deal: EU expects UK statesmen to act responsibly

Prime Minister Theresa May will have a hard time getting the House of Commons‘ approval of the Article 50 deal , criticized by both the most pro-Brexit and pro-European MPs.

A negative vote would provoke a ‘hard Brexit‘ or departure from the EU on the WTO rules on March 29, the break-away feared by the many players.

Those who think that by rejecting the deal, they will get a better deal will be disappointed,” said the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker after the special summit on Article 50 Agreement in Brussels.

The European top negotiator, Michel Barnier, called on all statesmen to assume their responsibilities, an invitation to the British Parliament – Westminster – where the rejection of the deal is highly likely.

We worked and negotiated with the UK, never against the UK,” he said. “Now it’s time for everyone to take responsibility. Everybody.”

“The United Kingdom has freely subscribed to the European Union, and it has its obligations when now it is leaving the bloc, especially when financial matters are concerned” said MEP Philippe Lamberts (Belgium, Greens) to Europe Diplomatic Magazine, calling the UK statesmen to act responsibly. MEP also reckoned, that the EU  is co-guarantor  along with the UK of the Good Friday AgreementHowever if Westminster is not able to decide Lamberts suggest the people s vote is the only democratic option.