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Armenia: Pashinyan expects to lead government

The Parliament of Armenia will decide whether to elect the opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as the new Prime minister, in a milestone moment for the people.

Although Pashinyan has led weeks of anti-government protests that forced former Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan to resign, and is the only candidate, he needs a majority of votes from the ruling Republican Party, which is quite an unusual disposition.

Republican Party earlier said it would not put up a candidate in a bid to avoid further escalation It has been at power since 1999.

The unfortunate Prime minister for a some days, Serzh Sargsyan, who had served previously two mandates as President, stepped down on 23 April just days after being sworn in as PM. He had been blamed to break his promise to end his career as a leader after the parliamentary reform, shifting powers to Prime minister.

All 47 opposition members of the Parliament have pledged to vote for Pashinyan, but he will need votes from some Republican Party deputies to win the majority in the 105-seat house. Some experts indicate his might be short of just six ballots.

Karen Karapetyan leads Armenian government

Armenia’s First Deputy Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has been appointed acting Prime Minister following resignation of his predecessor, Serzh Sargsyan, who was head of government for less than a week, the press service of the Armenian government said on Monday (23/04/2018).

In accordance with the law on the structure and activities of the government and reckoning with Serzh Sargsyan’s letter of resignation, the cabinet agreed that Serzh Sargsyan cannot stay in office any longer,” the press service told TASS News Agency, adding that in this cases, according to the law, the first deputy prime minister is appointed acting head of government.




Armenia Prime Minister steps down

Armenian Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan said he was resigning on Monday (23/04/2018) to help maintain civic peace following almost two weeks of street protests that have plunged the Russian military ally into political crisis.

Sargsyan previously served two five-year terms as president of the former Soviet Republic. First elected in 2008, he served as the country’s head of state until he was appointed prime minister earlier this month.

A large group of unarmed Armenian soldiers joined anti-government protests in the capital Yerevan on Monday in a development the Armenian military said was illegal and would be harshly punished.

Since 1999, the European Union’s relations with Armenia have been based on the EU-Armenia Partnership and Cooperation Agreement, which provides for wide-ranging cooperation in the areas of political dialogue, trade, investment, economy, the promotion of democracy and human rights, law-making and culture.




Sargsyan for EC-EAEC co-operation


“At the initial stage of Armenia’s membership in Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was received with hostility by some of our Western partners, but I am glad that the time will put everything in its place, we are ready to promote the mutually beneficial rapprochement of the EU positions, and EAEC Armenia is interested in pan-European co-operation..”, – said Serge Sargsyan, the president of Armeina, attending the center of “Carnegie” in Brussels.

He also noted that existing in Yerevan to Tehran close economic, political and cultural ties transforms Armenia into a solid platform to enter the Iranian market for European companies.

“Armenia can become the most reliable and shortest transit route connecting the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea ports, in our relationships, we never questioned our relations because of the third countries in Armenia’s cooperation,”- said Sargsyan, adding that Armenia is ready to become a stable partner in the region, which will contribute to the process of facilitating the contradictions of big players, the development of economic ties, and the formation of an effective investment policy.