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Ruby trials key witness dies

Key witness in prostitution of minor trials involving Italy ex-Premier Minister Silvio Berlusconi has died after suspecting being poisoned. A murder probe has been opened into a Moroccan-origin model Imane Fadil death, police said, adding she died after month of “agony“.

Imane Fadil (34), was awake until the end despite progressive organ failure, treated in Humanitas Clinic at Rozzano near Milan where she had been admitted in the end of January.
Ms.Fadil shared with her  relatives and lawyer her fears of being poisoned.
Berlusconi was cleared of paying for sex services for an underage prostitute after Court established he did not know Ruby (Karima El Mahroug) was a minor, while she participated in the bunga bunga parties.

Berlusconi backs Salvini in bid for leadership

Silvio Berlusconi  supports his ally, the leader of the Lega Nord party, Matteo Salvini in his bid for the negotiations in forming of the  Italian government.

The leader of Forza Italia, and a former prime minister, Berlusconi confirmed that his pre-election coalition pact between Lega Nord and his own Forza party is valid, and the would back Salvini’s efforts in assembling a new government.

“In full respect of our agreement, we will now loyally support attempts by Salvini to form a government,” Berlusconi said. “I am here to support him, to guarantee the solidity of the coalition and keep our commitments with the voters.”

Italian elections dotted by showbiz

Italians demonstrate high level of participation at polling stations on Sunday to vote in an election after a campaign marked by a profound discontent over the economy,  unemployment and mass immigration from Africa.

Pollsters forecast indicates that former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s center-right party Forza Italia and his far-right allies Lega Nord will become the largest bloc in parliament, however the chances to win majority are feeble.

The anti-establishment 5-Star Movement is leading as the biggest single party,  embracing wide discontent over corruption and poverty, while the ruling center-left bloc led by the Democratic Party is following in third place.

The elections have been animated by an activist of FEMEN, who attacked Silvio Berlusconi, while he was intending to drop his ballot. She screamed and yelled at Berlusconi, sending him home for being too old for the political contest for country’s leadership.


EP: Tajani – Berlusconi's loyalist elected president


Antonio Tajani (63) (EPP, Italy), Silvio Berlusconi loyalist is to lead the European Parliament for the next two and a half years, being elected in an elaborate, but highly symbolical procedure in the fourth round by simple majority.

The European People’s party (EPP) claimed the seat after the agreement was broken by the Socialists, who prolonged the term under pretext of keeping the overall institutional balance, introducing to positions of power candidates of major political forces.
The EPP abandoned the custom to promote the leader of the political group, when Manfred Weber declined the promotion. However it did not use the chance for renewal of the institution’s image, to make it closer to younger European electorate, preferring an’old guard’ of Berlusconi, who once upon a time started as his spokesperson, and later was promoted to European Commissioner twice, the second time with a heavily Industry portfolio.
Till present one of the 14 vice-presidents of the EP, Tajani is an experienced EU ‘apparatchik’ who is highly skilled in complex mechanics of political decision-making. Having the biggest political group behind him, Tajani has been the ‘favorite’ of the election process right from the start, in spite of the dark clouds gathering over his head -the car emissions scandal during his period of heading EU Industries as Commissioner. Seemingly the EPP has given him indulgence already, taking into consideration his loyalty to European project, and at most ‘requested’ nationality. The need to promote an Italian to position of power is largely seen as an antidote to growing Euro scepticism in the country.
Next to the High Representative Federica Mogherini, who is heading the European External Action Service, Tajani becomes the second Italian in top position at the EU institution, standing more for profound crisis in Italy’s relations with the EU, than personal achievements.

MEP Tajani for European Parliament president

Anna van Densky OPINION

The promotion of the former EU Industry top civil servant Antonio Tajani (Italy, EPP) from Barroso’s Commission to the position of the European Parliament president, once again demonstrates the failure of the institution to  renew. The civil servants becoming politicians and politicians styled into mandarins, surfing freely between  Schuman and Luxembourg squares, just hanging backdrop of the official photos, do not inspire confidence of the EU citizens, trying to figure out a raison d’être of the EU costly project, while getting increasingly confused between loyalties and separations of powers.


Nobody is going to held Antonio Tajani (63) responsable for a move of his former boss José-Manuel Barroso accepting a chairmanship at Goldman Sachs, however the maneuvering of Tajani as the Industry Commissioner to Member of the  European Parliament (MEP), with a view of ascending to the top of the latter, makes the whole intrigue look more as a part of a chess game, than a progressive political process, reflecting public interest.
Once the spokesperson of Silvio Berlusconi, Tajani made a spectacular career in the EU institutions, coming just as a replacement of a departing for a national appointment college. With zero chance to receive a second mandate as a civil servant to ‘reign’ over the EU industry while rival party gained power at home, he returned to active politics in European elections to mold into a Member of the European Parliament immediately after
the end of his mandate in the Commission.
At present a much-anticipated farewell of twice a president of the European Parliament Martin Schulz (61),(Germany, S&D) evoked European People’s Party (EPP) to claim its rights, indicating that the second mandate of Schulz was already against all the odds, because according to the  major agreement the five years Parliamentary term was divided between representatives of two biggest political groups EEP  and Socialists and Democrats.
However the double mandate of five years  of a Socialist did not become a window of opportunity to new political actors. No new generation, no new member-states, no new leaders, but the former Commission apparatchik from fading ‘Forza Italia’ party, claiming to be a brand new political group, led  by one of the most controversial figures of Italian politics, four times Prime Minister – Silvio Berlusconi (80), whose lucky star is at decline.
Reportedly Tajani is campaigning, looking for support at home and among the other political groups in the European Parliament. The situation should be clarified mid-January, because Social democrats leader Gianni Pittella (IT, S&D) does not accept EEP president bid, claiming it will ruin the fine balance among the EU institutions, leaving socialists in minority in position of leadership.
The beginning of this year a long standing leader of EP Liberals – Guy Verhofstadt (63) (ALDE, Belgium) entered the presidential race, in hope for tactical votes.
However the chances of Mr.Tajani to raise to the summit remain high, thanks to support of his own political group – the most representative in the EP.
Still it looks the idea of renewal remains foreign to the Europarl, along with the idea of gender equality  largely remaining a rhetoric exercise: since Simone Veil (1979-1982) no one women-politician ascended the president’s position, acutely no women before either.
The true impact of institutional stagnation expressed in reshuffling the very same people over and over again will be concluded at next Parliament elections, when the European citizens will come to drop their ballots, or will not come. So far last two decades the turnouts for European elections are in study decline.
#Anna van Densky
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