Tusk vs China, Russia, Islam and… Trump!

Poland's PM Tusk delivers a speech during a ceremony at the EU Parliament in Brussels

Today the president of the European Council President Donald Tusk said the  U.S. President Donald Trump has joined Russia, China and radical Islam among threats to Europe and called on Europeans to stick together to avoid domination by three other continental powers.

In a letter to national leaders before a summit that he will chair in Malta on Friday 3/2/2017 to prepare the Union’s future after Britain leaves, the conservative former Polish prime minister said Trump’s more protectionist trade policy offered the EU a chance and it should do more now to set up free trade deals.

According to Tusk’s vision the EU faces its biggest challenges in its 60-year history challenged by an “assertive China”, “Russia’s aggressive policy” toward its neighbors, “radical Islam” fuelling anarchy in the Middle East and Africa were key external threats. The together with “worrying declarations” by the new American administration, continued Tusk, all these factors make our future “highly unpredictable”.

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