Lowest turn out among French voters

The French President Emmanuel Macron brand new centrist party is close to an overwhelming  majority  in National Assembly after exit polls showed it topping the poll with 32% in the first round but with a low voter turnout. Less than half of electorate came to cast a ballot.


Macron’s centrist movement En Marche!  set up a year ago go from zero to as many as 430 seats in the 577-seat French national assembly in alliance with the other centrist force MoDem of François Bayrou.

En Marche! victory  would be one of the biggest majorities in post-war France. Meanwhile there is nothing to celebrate for two major political forces the centre-right Republicans and the Socialists, who are the biggest loses of #legislatives2017.

Marine Le Pen’s Front National will have just a few seats, the situation that provoked indignation of the prominent frontistes: “I’m scandalized that 11 million of French, who voted for Marine Le Pen, will not have adequate presentation in National Assembly” – said Nicolas Bay, General Secretary of the National Front.

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