EU wins favor of Europeans

A research group claims Europeans think much better of the EU now than they did a year ago when Britons voting to leave in Brexit referendum.

Support surged by 18% points in both Germany and France, which just elected europhile centrist Emmanuel Macron as president, the Washington-based Pew Research Center revealed.

Even the British hold a much more favorable opinion of the European Union. Now 54% of them view the EU positively, 10 points up on a year ago, while 40% were unfavorable. In June last year, they voted by 52%o 48% for Brexit. Negotiations on withdrawal terms start on  July, 19 (19.06.2017).

In none of the other nine countries surveyed did more than 35% of people want their country to follow suit and leave the EU. Of those, the Italians and Greeks were the least enthusiastic. Despite growing friction between their nationalist governments and Brussels, Poles and Hungarians remain among the keenest EU citizens.

“The European Union has rebounded dramatically from its recent slump in public approval,” Pew researchers from Washington DC wrote, noting an “up-and-down cycle over the past decade”.



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