Austria: Kurz claims victory

Sebastian Kurz (31) declared victory on Sunday night and is predicted to be the new Chancellor – the youngest national leader in the developed world.

Final results are not expected until later in the week, though provisional data have been circulating around since polls closed on Sunday evening.

Austria’s far-right is on course to take a place in the country’s government after a prominence in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

The country’s main conservative party, led by current foreign minister Sebastian Kurz reached over 30 per cent of the vote, but is expected to seek a coalition with the far-right Freedom Party (FPO), which is posting one of its strongest showing on record.

Austrian politics appears to have shifted strongly to the right, with early projections showing the conservative OVP up nearly 8% and the far-right FPO up around 5%.

Both the OVP and FPO  have promised tightening Austria’s borders and more efficient process of accepting asylum-seekers, including shorter periods for juridical procedure for the applicants, and also repatriation of those non-eligible for the status.

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