Rajoy vows to “restore law” in Catalonia

Anna van Densky, European Council, Brussels #EUCO

Concluding the EU two days October Summit in Brussels Prime minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy declined any definite answers about the Catalan crisis, referring to upcoming governmental meeting on Saturday, which will decide upon action plan to ‘normalise’ situation in the region, and return life into ‘legal’ framework.

In spite of the fact that no other questions were asked, but about the future of Catalonia, Rajoy did not make any precisions, insisting on reacting upon the situation in strict ‘legality’ foreseen by Constitution. He also said that the Article 155 if applied as outcome of procedure would be practiced for a “limited” period of time and with “prudence” aiming to restore the constitutional order over the territory of Catalonia.

Rajoy rejected any wrongdoings of Guardia Civil  during “illegal” plebiscite, and with a vivid emotion gave “full support” of his government to their actions, he also rejected a possibility of the any investigations in this direction.

In general position of Rajoy has not undergone any evolution during the weeks in aftermath of the referendum, appealing to ‘law’, ‘legality’ and Constitution of Kingdom of Spain. Prime minister does not accept any criticism on absence of ‘dialogue’ with Catalan leaders, insisting he has not ‘competence within legal framework’, neither mandate as a Prime minister to conduct any talks or consultations on independence of regions of Kingdom of Spain.

Rajoy considers that he has a dialogue with Catalan government in political dimension, according to mandate and competences of his position.

Saturday urgent meeting of government is awaited to prepare a proposal for application of Article 155 , and to pass it for approval of the Senate of Spain – Senado – on Tuesday or Wednesday. The application will mean direct rule of Madrid over the region.

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