700 mayors invited for declaration of Catalan independence

The debate of future of Catalonia continued in Madrid, and Barcelona, while central government is vowing to restore ‘legality’ in line with the Constitution, regional leaders prepare for declaration of independence in case the Senate votes for invoking direct rule over Catalonia on Friday, 27 October, after a month of stand-off.

President Carles Puigdemont invited more than 700 Catalan mayors to assist the declaration of independence, which might take place if the Parliament decides so in a debate and a subsequent vote. Puigdemont’s invitation of mayors is largely interpreted as a pro-independence forces win, because very few believe the Senate will decline the request of Mariano Rajoy government to invoke Article 155,  rejecting direct rule of Catalonia from Madrid.

The continuous demonstrations of hundreds of thousands of Catalans, requesting independence, makes Madrid’s move to take control over the region look like a risky adventure. However deputy Prime minister of Spain Soraya Sàenz Santamaria vowed to “rescue” Catalonia from itself.



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