Spain’s Court cancelled Catalan’s unilateral Declaration of independence

Spain’s Constitutional Court officially annulled the Catalan parliament’s  unilateral declaration of independence, a widely expected ruling after the move was suspended by the court.

The Madrid government fired Catalonia’s president Carles Puigdemont and dismissed its parliament hours after the region declared itself independent with 70 votes for, 10 votes against and after lawmakers from three national parties walked out of the vote.

The invoking of Article 155 of the Constitution of Kingdom of Spain was deplored by human rights defenders as misuse of law to suppress the freedom of expression.

However the President of the self-proclaimed Catalan Republic Carles Puigdemont, functioning from Brussels exile, underlines the democratic process of the Declaration, based on history, culture and aspiration of Catalans to build public life upon their traditions, identity and vision. The current Catalan government in exile has broad public support – 200 Mayors (pictured) came to Brussels to demand the EU to act, and liberate Catalan prisoners of conscience in Spain, and also mediate in negotiations over independence with Madrid.

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