Gustav Lindström appointed as EUISS director

Following the recommendation by High Representative, the Board of the European Institute of Security Studies (EUISS) appointed Gustav Lindström as the new Director. A post of a Deputy Director was also established, with Florence Gaub to be appointed to this position, with a special responsibility as Research coordinator.

“Analyses and open discussions are key to continue to advance our common foreign, security and defence policy”, – Federica Mogherini said. “The European Union Institute for Security Studies played an important role in the formulation of the EU Global Strategy and continues to provide valuable input into our strategic debates. I am looking forward to continue working as closely with the Institute under its new leadership, as I did under outgoing Director Antonio Missiroli” – Mogherini added.

The Institute has an important role in strengthening the European Union’s analysis, foresight and networking capacity in external action, and in promoting a common strategic culture across Europe. Mr Lindström brings many years of relevant experience on policy issues related to security and international affairs to his new role, having worked previously at the EUISS, as well as RAND Corporation and the World Bank. He is currently serving as Head of the Emerging Security Challenges Programme at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

In order to further strengthen the analytical capability of the EUISS, Federica Mogherini also recommended the establishment of the post of Deputy Director of the EUISS, which has been approved by the Board, with Florence Gaub to be appointed to this post, with a special responsibility as Research coordinator. Ms Gaub is currently Senior Analyst and Head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the EUISS.

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